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The Imperial Line

on Thu Oct 22, 2009 6:47 pm
This thread will show each of the five Emperors of New Tempera, their achievements, their impact in Ryerdae, and the time of their death and birth. More can be added in the future.

Emperor Polius I

RZ(Zero)A -200 - RFA 100 (two hundred years before the First Age is when he was born)

Polius I was regarded as one of the greatest Emperors and figures of the very early First Age. He brought about such achievements such as the building of the great New Temperian nation, and the revolutionary policies he used in government. Once the Great Immigration started, Polius I took great initiative to be on good terms with the others races. He had the gift of foresight, something that most of the Emperors never had, aside from Polius IV apparently. He possibly foresaw the future wars and struggles that everyone within Ryerdae would have to endure through.

Polius I impacted the whole of Ryerdae by doing two major things. One, was the instituting of a national road and bridges system, allowing for international trade and travel. The second, is his taking of the Oracles Mandate from the ancient ruin of the Ayleids. Upon finding that this ancient scripture had secret and other-worldly powers, it is assumed that is why Polius was wise and locked it away for safety... as all great power can be used negatively in the wrong hands.

Upon his death, in the 100th year of the First Age, Polius I had created a true Imperial State, powerful and glorious to all who beheld it. A monument has since then been risen in a large courtyard in the Imperial City dedicated to the first and greatest of the Emperors.

Emperor Polius II

RFA 101 - 445

Polius II was seen more or less as a great military commander, rather than his status as the Emperor. Among the New Temperians, he was seen as a harsh, yet great Emperor, while amongst other races, he was seen as a demon... a scourge of the land. He was the first of the Emperors who went through many wars and conflicts with other nations throughout his days. His father, in his rule, got lucky it seems. But Polius I's son, had a totally different mind set when it came to relations with the other races. Polius II is seen as the most Imperialistic of all of the Emperors, as he was solely responsible for the two first wars between Tamrodiil and Vurstaria. During the Siege of Bo'orgo Strait and the Battle for the Great Ravine, Polius had been the one who used Imperialism to obtain (illegally) the lands of his neighboring nations.

He was also the one who was in power through all three of the New Temperian Crusades. By that time, the New Temperian military was the strongest of all of the nations, and using this, Polius II was able to crush his opposition (twice), most notably in the Final Crusade. In the first two however, the battles were loosely fought. The Second Crusade, Polius II lost, due to a lax in military funds and not enough time to mobilize his reinforcements before the Vurstarian Navy crushed his forces.

By the time the first Golden Age rolled about into Ryerdae, Polius II was an older man at the age of 309 years old. In the year of 445, Polius II died of old age, hailed in New Tempera as a hero, and elsewhere as a tyrant.

Emperor Polius III

RFA 446 - 625

Emperor Polius III, the son to Polius II, seemed to be more on the level of his grandfather, Polius I. He was revered among many as a kind and gentle man, yet cunning and harsh in war. He worked hard in his office to grant more civil rights to the citizens of his Empire, to increase equality among the social classes, and to improve the military of New Tempera. During his reign, many people enjoyed great prosperity and a sound life, relatively without war or strife with each other.

However, his easy reign wouldn't last forever, as he would go through two global wars against another kind of enemy, the orcs. The First and Second Orc Wars took place under his reign. He was alone, able to ally every nation with the Empire, to combat the menace that plagued all of their land. His actions made it possible in the future to better the relations between the states of Ryerdae.

Working jointly with all of the nations, the coalition of the City-States and Empire was able to completely crush the two orc wars in a relatively short amount of time. The entire experience opened much more opportunity between the races for tourism, trade, and political relations.

In the year 551 of the First Age, Polius III instituted such a decree, that would change the whole of Ryerdae forever. What is known as "The Great Assimilation", took place under Polius III jurisdiction. Using the now great New Temperian might and influence, Polius III was able to join every nation under the emblem of the Empire, now making the City-States, into Feudal-States. He did this by first instituting his military might upon them, then politically changing much of the nations' governments into a Feudal System (Lord (Counts), Vassals (Sub-Vassalage), Manor Lords, and then Serfdom (which did not last very long). At first, the nations only agreed because they did not wish to engage the Imperials in another war... but after some amount of years, and the introduction into a global Golden Age, the nations learned to accept it.

Polius III died in the year 625 of the First Age at 179 years old, rather young for most New Temperians, halfway through the era of Economic Inflation. Most of the Empire regarded him as a great Emperor and worthy of much praise.

Emperor Polius IV

RFA 626 - 729

Polius IV is possible as much respected and loved as the very first Emperor, Polius I. He came into power during a brief economic spike, which would soon end. In the year 650, the Ryerdaen Depression swept across the land like a swarm of locust. The Depression occurred thanks to a major drop in trading and buying. The economy, which had only years earlier been at the very top, fell to the very bottom. Polius IV worked his hardest to try to end the Depression and alleviate the horrid conditions that the citizens of each nation now faced.

Through his efforts, he was able to quell rebellions and the threat of civil war, even within his very own capital. Though the citizens of Ryerdae were angered by this condition, they continued to follow Polius IV faithfully. In the year 660, the Depression finally comes to a halt, and the economy slowly starts to recover. Trade blossoms anew, and relations between the nations get better as well. By the year 700, the land entered a Golden Age once more under the healing administration put into place by Polius IV and the Feudal Lords of each nation. The citizens enjoyed great prosperity once more for another 27 years.

Late in the year of 727, however, something unexpected and new occurred within Ryerdae that had never happened before. An unknown enemy attacked the Capital head on, sending the land into chaos for a full two years. Each nation mobilized their military in the defense of the Empire that they had come to love. Polius IV mobilized the Imperial Army, attacked back with ferocious strength, alas, it would not change his fate. For in the year 729, on New Years Eve, Polius IV was assassinated at the young age of 103. Upon his death, the enemy left angrily and mysteriously, possibly at the same time as the Oracles Mandate disappeared from the vaults of the Imperial City.

Every citizen mourned the death of their Emperor. But since the Emperor was dead, and his son, only at 5 years of age, was unfit to rule anything, the nations seceded from the Empire to try and make it on their own. Over the year later, in the starting of the Second Age of Ryerdae, the relations between the Empire and city-states grew strained and sour. Only a miracle could heal this.

Emperor Polius V

Currently, only five years of age. (More to come later)
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