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The Chronological Time Table

on Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:32 pm
This is the time table that chronologically will show the major events that had taken place throughout Ryerdae. If the event is very important, there will be a asterisk next to the title and date, showing that more information can be found in its own thread. Beneath the date and title of event, a short description will be shown of what exactly happened.


Time and date format = Ryerdaen ("R") [Age number (ex "F" equals "First")] Age, (Year Number)

ex: RFA 321 = Ryerdaen First Age, 321st Year / RSA 120 = Ryerdaen Second Age, 120th Year

Note: Some events and dates might be added later, so keep an eye out. Also, in the game, if you wish to be more into it, check out the events and the lore to get some more background knowledge for a more entertaining time in the game.


The First Age of Ryerdae:

RFA 0-10

- The Great Immigration

During the first ten years of the Ryerdaen First Age, thousands and thousands of immigrants poured into the land from elsewhere. The first being the Imperial State, New Tempera. In sequence throughout the years, New Tempera was the first, then Tamrodiil, Anumias, Hyporion, Vurstaria, and lastly Guylos. Immigration never ended after the ten years, but it did however slow down immensely.

RFA 50

-The Year of Centralization

In the year 50 of the First Age, the six different races who thus inhabited the land, started to finally form nations. The thoughts of centralized governments and townships became apparent as each race developed their own City-State, and started to name off Capitals. By the end of the year, the centralization was almost complete, and most races had a monarch and independent government. The only states that had been behind the others in their rapid centralizing, was Hyporion and Vurstaria, who both had major issues concerning tribes and the right to rule.

RFA 102-104 (*)

-The Vurstarian Civil War

Just more than fifty years after the Centralization era, the Vurstarians finally ended up in a civil war. The tribes fought to see who would be the best to lead all Vurstarians, as it was not very apparent. All of the leaders between six Vurstarian tribes wanted to be the unborn nations leader. The war ended after two years, with the victor being S'krivva, known as "The Great Liberator", once he crushed the rebellion and brought the new nation of Vurstaria into a golden age.

RFA 137-142 (*)

-Battle for the Great Ravine

Battle broke out between Tamrodiil and New Tempera during this time due to land occupancy. The Tamrodiilians claimed the southern land as their own, and moved upon the very center in force in the year 137. New Tempera, who had been stationed their as a extension on land, defended a small military base in the Great Ravine. The battle took five long years, as the Tamrodiilian forces made sporadic strikes on the stronger and better trained Imperial troops stationed at their base. But, finally, from Tamrodiilian defeat after defeat, in the year 142, the Imperials were defeated in a defining battle at the hands of the largest Tamrodiilian force that there had ever been in battle up until then. The Imperials retreated and let the Tamrodiilians take the southern land for themselves.

-Siege of Bo'orgo Strait

Only days after the battle started in Tamrodiil, the Vurstarians moved against the New Temperian troops that held part of the eastern half of Vurstaria. New Temperian naval blockades and a tight ring surrounding the exits out of Vurstaria, forced the Vurstarians back west. They were continually forced back by overwhelming New Temperian soldiers, but then halted upon the Vurstaria coast to the very west. New Tempera had no knowledge of the large colony under the water, and thus did not expect a large Vurstarian force to utterly decimate the Imperial Troops in a naval battle not far out into the Vurstarian Bay. Afterward, the Imperial troops withdrew from Vurstaria and left it alone.

RFA 144-379

Relative peace and prosperity took hold of the war battered land. The Economy rose and recovered, and the centralization of all of the nations was finished. Immigration increased a little, adding to a global population growth.

RFA 380-385 (*)

-The First Temperian Crusade

Do to an increasing strain of relations between New Temperia and the two city-states of Guylos and Anumias, war broke out. Battles took place in those three territories while the other nations kept to isolationism. In the aftermath, over one hundred thousand Imperials were killed, and almost double for the other two nations. New Temperia was victorious, later seizing one fourth of Guylosian and Anumian lands.

RFA 390-397 (*)

-The Second Temperian Crusade

Five years after the first war, the second manifested after the New Temperian Imperial government took control of all of the ships heading in and out of Hyporion, Guylos, and Tamrodiil. Once the Imperial government issued an unsanctioned tax upon all worldly goods being sold through international trade, the three nations rose up in rebellion against the Imperials. The seven year long war took a toll of almost four hundred thousand deaths for all sides. The battle ended up with the New Temperian government releasing the other nations from its forced taxation and removed the military blockades, allowing trade to flourish once more. The Alliance of the Three was victorious.

RFA 404-410 (*)

-The Last Temperian Crusade

Seven year after the second crusade against the New Temperians, the final and largest one would take place. The Imperial government of New Tempera began to go under an era of Imperialism and Militarism with the rule of Polius II. In the year 404, New Tempera launched its first land conquest against the larger lands to the south, Guylos and Tamrodiil. After seizing much of the two nations' land by force, a coalition was formed between the two, and struck back at the iron first of the Imperials. Almost all of the cities were emptied from both nations, causing their citizens to become localized militia along with their national military. Thousands of skirmishes broke out throughout five years of constant battle, until the coalitions invasion force was assembled before the Imperial troops. Polius, sensing that defeat would be imminent if he kept the troops away from New Tempera, he ordered them to return to their land and defend the Capital. The coalition sieges the Capital city, but ultimately fails due to the larger number of Imperial troops, and the high walls of the giant city. Years later, after a large inflation in the economy, the New Temperian government granted all of the lands back to the old coalition.

RFA 410-460

At this time, economic inflation occurred, bringing about a golden age for each nation. Political isolationism took roots, causing a long time of relative peace between nations.

RFA 460-470 (*)

-The First Orc War

For a long period of ten years, every nation was engaged in battle against the large hordes of orcs that had immigrated into the land of Ryerdae. The nations and the Empire worked together in a large military alliance to bring about the destruction of the orcs that had started to lay waste to villages all across the land. In the end, millions were killed, but the alliance had prevailed. This victory for all of the nations brought about the future relations between them all, in good standing.

RFA 470-540

-The Golden Age of Ryerdae

This period of time was known officially as the "Golden Age of Ryerdae". All relations were great between all of the races and nations. Economic, Social, and Political prosperity presumed, and the threat of invasion was seen as a old memory. Cultures mixed and formed, engulfing the land in a wild diversity. Tourism spiked between the countries, bettering social relations between races.

RFA 540-550

-Militarism Growth

During these ten years, a large growth in militarism between the countries of New Tempera, Anumias, Guylos, and Hyporion was recorded. The military sizes of these nations grew very large compared to the other nations, who stayed behind until later.

RFA 550-551 (*)

-The Great Assimilation

Through this period, New Tempera used its great power and might to convince the other nations across the land to join it as a full Empire. There were conditions, including a national tax, feudal system being created, and the current nations monarchs would have to become inferior to the Emperor. At first, the nations refused, but changed their mind after New Temperian troops marched to each of the capital cities of the six states. Fearing more war, which hadn't happened in over eighty years, the monarchs agreed to become Feudal States in order to keep the peace.

RFA 551-623

After the Great Assimilation, there was a time of over seventy years, for peace and prosperity. The nations grew to accept the Empire and its ways in this time, as long as they were ensured independence in economy, and protection by the Imperial government along with their own military.

RFA 623-626 (*)

-The Second Orc War

Much like the first of these wars, the growth of orc activity within the six nations caused another alliance and defeating of the orcs. But, due to this incident right after about 150 years of peace, this incident caused much civil unrest.

RFA 626-650

In this time, the economy inflated once more, and peace and prosperity took hold of the land once again, much to the happiness of the civilians of Ryerdae, who had undergone three grueling years of war and terror against the orcs.

RFA 650-660 (*)

-The Ryerdaen Depression

A sudden economic collapse causes a deep depression all across the land. Emperor Polis IV, the one in power at the time, worked his hardest to combat the increasing amount of peasant rebellions and civil unrest that seemed to pop up all over the place. Even in New Tempera itself, the threat of civil war loomed upon the horizon, but thanks to the great strides in healing by Polius IV, the Depression ended in the year 660.

RFA 660-700

This was a time of general economic recovery. It would take ten long years, but the economy recovers and becomes whole once more. In this time, the bonds of the nations grew strong in order to help the angered populations.

RFA 700-727

Under the administration of Polius IV, a small global era of prosperity takes place. Most races get along well, even the dwarves and elves. Most nations come to love Polius IV, as he, unlike his predecessors, was a kind and just man. The Empire grows strong.

RFA 727-729 (*)


In the year 727 of the Ryerdaen First Age, a enemy of unknown origins attacks the Imperial City head on, causing mass chaos and a siege that takes place for two years. All nations form a union, trying to fight this fell unknown enemy. Mysteriously, on New Years Eve of the year 729, Emperor Polius IV is assassinated, and the Oracles Mandate disappears from the deep vaults of the Imperial Palace. The enemy flees after a mighty push back from the union forces. Soon afterward, the Imperial government crumbles, allowing for the seceding of the six states to become independent once again.

The Year 730, the day after Polius IV dies, the First Age is announced to be over. The Second Age of Ryerdae thus begins.
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