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Axelle Ceres

on Mon Jan 03, 2011 10:17 pm
Name: Axelle Ceres

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: Axelle stands at 5'5" with an athletic, and generously muscled and curved form. Tattooed over her left eye is a dragonfly-like Celtic knot also printed on her favorite shirt and black pants. Part of her hair is also dyed red, from it's natural reddish-blonde color. Her eyes are a light green color

Affiliations: DNA superior, Circle of the Pulse

Occupation: Illegal Courier

Home Town / City: Vartigo/ Tentationem Moenia

Special Skill(s): Athletics, Stealth, and basic computer/hacking skills

Reasons for joining the Circle: To live; to protect her parents; because she didn't want a boring, superior life

Background: Axelle grew up with her parents in the beautiful city of Tentationem Moenia, but was never quite satisfied with her life. Tired of her her boring, 'perfect' life in the upper city, she ventured to one of the lower cities on Vartigo, intending to join a group of smugglers as a courier, which she had been invited to back in her school years. She joined the group, but because of her new affiliation with them, she couldn't safely return home, and severed all ties. She worked with the group for three years before being personally requested to deliver a mysterious package to a shady corporation. She was intercepted and given a choice: change allegiances to work for the Circle of the Pulse, or be executed. Naturally, she chose to live, and now works for the Circle, being the 'new girl' of the group.
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Re: Axelle Ceres

on Tue Jan 04, 2011 11:36 am
XD I don't think the Circle would purposely intercept you and threaten you with death.. considering murder is expressly forbidden in their creed. But whatever, lol.

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