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Ivan Dimitrov

on Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:09 am
A Copy/Paste from my old profile..

Name: Ivan Dimitrov.

Gender: Male.

Age: 30.

Race/Ethnicity: Russian/Bulgarian Mix.

Appearance: 6"0ft/180CM; Straight, thick, clean, loose, neck-length, cookies-and-cream coloured hair; Intense, ice-blue eyes; Strong, athletic build; Northern european complexion and body-type. Wears tinted sun-glasses, that had such a thing been conceived, would likely be regarded as matrixesque; Wears muscovite snow garb (fur hat, thick polar-fleece jacket and pants, military boots and etcetera), under which lies an obsidian Kamchatkan protection pendant and a small silver crucifix; On his front, attached to a leather sling, is a 1891/30 model Mosin-Nagant rifle (винтовка образца 1891/30-го года, винтовка Мосина), on his back, is a leather back-pack, and to his right hip, attached by a small iron chain, is an Imperial Russian Shashka, reworked for increased durability.

Personality: Tends to quietly keep to himself whenever possible, but usually fairly socialable and relaxed around friends and those he trusts; A bit of an introvert, but by no means shy; Willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but has issues trusting people; Kind and understanding, but not necessarily friendly all the time; Will go to the most extreme lengths to protect friends and family; Very honour driven; Very superstitious; Not religious; Avoids unnecessary confrontation, but will go to extreme measures when confrontation manifests; Fights for what he believes in but hates politics.


Born in St. Petersburg, Ivan spent most of his youngest childhood years care-free, with the very small number of friends he had; Being born into a small, religious, superstitious muscovite military family, he would often hear fantastic tales of the world and what lay within it from his parents; Though he attended church, religion never really rubbed off on Ivan, nonetheless, certain superstitions did.

When old enough for it, he followed his father's footsteps by joining the Imperial Army, where he spent several years in the service of the Tsar, mostly patrolling hostile border areas while somehow avoiding conflict for the most part, afterwhich, upon request, was transferred to the local defense forces in his hometown of St. Petersburg.

One fateful day, at the age of 26, during his standard morning routine, Vampires from Transylvania's Borgo Pass had arrived in the town by force – at the time, his division, extremely small and unprepared for the onslaught, had earlier sent him to run an errand and fetch some supplies from a neighbouring town, thus, by way of not being there, he didn't find out until he returned much later, by which stage it was already too late – he returned later, at the end of the day, to discover that his entire division and be told by a survivor that most of the town's population had been slain, burnt alive by the vampirical invaders. The fate of his family, he did not know, for they were found neither amongst the survivors nor the dead.

Ivan stayed in the town for a few days, attending the numerous funerals and burials that followed, out of respect for his comrades, fellow townsfolk, friends, family and friends and others that had died during the onslaught, but left shortly thereafter. He had many things on his mind – What had happened to his family? Where were they? Did the Imperial Army and the Tsar know about the Vampire threat? He had to find his family and warn the army about the threat. He recorded the accounts of the survivors into his journal, a journal that he'd first started back when he first joined the military, and with these entries as testimonial evidence, made his way to Moscow, it took a number of days before he could be granted reception with the appropriate officials, these officials, undoubtably dubious about his claim; However, presenting this evidence, and making a convincing case, they accepted his claim.

During the day or so it took the military to work out what they wanted to do, Ivan had asked around Moscow to see if anyone knew anything about the whereabouts of his family; He'd determined that his brother, his sole sibling, may be located somewhere in Kamchatka, but could not find any information regarding his mother or father. By that stage, the military decided that they wanted to build a counter-attack force, with him in it; However, still having little idea as to what had happened to his family, and with finding that out as a higher priority, he made a hasty escape from Moscow and began travelling east, towards Kamchatka. Somehow, the military never found out what happened to him, nor did he ever find out what happened to the counter-attack force.

On his way, in the first town that he passed through, a similar Vampire attack occurred to the one in St. Petersburg, though, to a lesser scale; He recalled in his journaling, hearing from a survivor, about another survivor using a silver crucifix to scare Vampires off; He happened to own a similar crucifix, so, as if to test the the possibility of this working, he bared his own crucifix at the similar onslaught before any could attack; Most were scared off, but, some were not, and turned their attention to Ivan, attacking with full force; Using the weapons he'd acquired from his military time, he fought back, and somehow, won. He continued travelling, and during his travels, he encountered a number of dastardly and hellish creatures, which he fought off, gradually becoming more confident and more effective at it; This included Vampires, Werewolves, evil spirits and other creatures that he came to know well, and over time, he eventually earned various nick-names throughout local towns, including Soldier of God and Shashkov, and amongst the vampires, nick-names such as Ivan the Terrible, reminiscent of a certain historical tyrant. He acquired better equipment for fighting these creatures, and overall, at time passed, acquired better skills for it.

Eventually, he arrived at Kamchatka. After doing a bit of research into the whereabouts of his brother, he arrived at a certain town, where he learned that a Werewolf had taken up residence in the area; This particular Werewolf traveled alone, attacked alone, and appeared to be the only hellish creature in the area, but nonetheless, had quite the reputation for human flesh – the entire town lived in fear of this creature, for this one creature, alone, had already devastated a majority of the town's population, killing men, woman and children alike, and so far, the town hadn't been able to do a thing about it, for anyone that went against the creature, was killed.

Finding no further information about his brother, Ivan decided that he'd stay in the town and rid it of its curse. After a week of careful planning, Ivan asked the local blacksmith to rework his sword and he began setting up traps in the town's center. After a few days, the traps and the reworked sword were finished, and clearing out the townsfolk, he set baits to attract the creature in – the creature came, and after a arduous battle, Ivan came out victorious, eventually killing the creature with careful cunning and a series of silver bullet to the heart and head. After the creature was killed, Ivan discovered that it was, infact, a half-Werewolf, discovered by way of it transforming back into human form as the last of its life withered away, and to his horror, looking into the face of the creature, Ivan saw his brother – his brother, cursed as a Werewolf, killed by his own hands.

Ivan decided to stay in the town for a while, and as thanks for killing the beast and to protect him from danger in the future, a local shaman made and gave him a protection pendant. The shaman told him, "Both light and dark shine through your blood, the dark shining through your father's battle-scars. An obsidian tribute to the rabbit and egg that lay intertwined, guarding the moon. As they guard the moon, may this pendant guard you well." Ivan did not understand the meaning, or whether it would work or not, but he graciously accepted it nonetheless. Ivan consulted the shaman that had given him the pendant – he did not know what to do, and still did not know what had happened to his parents – the shaman told him that, though it was indeterminable exactly what had happened, that his parents were no longer alive and that seeking them out would only lead to sadness. With that, at that moment, Ivan swore that he would do everything in his power to rid the world of such evil and began making his way south, towards Germany.

Eventually, he arrived in Rostok, where he learned that numerous hunters were gathering in Romania due to the large numbers of Vampires residing there – he was informed that Romania, at that time, was one of the most dangerous countries in the world, and duly warned that going there would lead to certain death, and that prayers for the innocent people living in the country were in order. Learning this, he decided that going there was exactly what he should be doing, so made his way west, and upon reaching the border between France and Germany, resupplied, then headed directly for Romania.

As he headed there, he wondered; Romania and Bulgaria was right next door to each other, sharing a common border – Perhaps he would get to see his father's homeland during his journey.

Weapons: 1891/30 Model Mosin-Nagant Rifle (винтовка образца 1891/30-го года, винтовка Мосина); Reworked Imperial Russian Shashka.

Miscellaneous Items: Obsidian Kamchatkan protection pendant; Small silver crucifix; Leather back-pack (contains: rifle-cleaner, shaving blades, a bottle of naphtha, soap, ammunition, gun-powder, personal diary, pencils, detailed world map, compass, miscellaneous food and water, dried meat, a small vile of silver powder, some lint-free cloth [for cleaning and maintenance], some small denominations of money [roubles, francs and some pounds; no dollars] and a few out-of-focus photos taken throughout Siberia with nothing of interest in them, acquired through one of his travels); Small iron chain [for sword]; leather strap [for rifle]; Sun-glasses.
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Re: Ivan Dimitrov

on Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:56 pm
Your character is, of course...

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