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Registration Form... of Doom

on Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:26 am
Here is your wonderful registration form! I'm sure you all know what to do by now, so have fun creating your original character for Nocturnal Bane!

Note: If you are using a character from the past game, don't worry about looking at this. It is only slightly different than the original registration, but keeping your original won't hurt anything.









[b]Miscellaneous Items:[/b]

[b]Other Information:[/b]

Name: This should be fairly easy to put down. Try to make the name match where they are from, but other than that, there isn't much restriction for this one.

Gender: Male, Female... Other?

Age: Keep it within the life of a normal human. There are no half werewolves or half vampires here, so try to be reasonable with this.

Race/Ethnicity: You can have a character from anywhere on the globe.

Appearance: What is your character's physical description and attire?

Personality: How does your character act? This can change over time, so only a small description is required.

Weapons: What does your character use to destroy their enemies with? Be creative with this, and make an epic weapon, as long as it isn't something that can be considered God Modding.

Miscellanoues Items: Anything else your character carries that is of note?

Other Information: You can post facts about your character here. You can also put your history (which I excluded on purpose) here if you wish, but it is optional. A history can help people developing their character, but it is certainly not needed. It can be very short and brief if you wish, so you can reveal bits at a time in-story.
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