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The Circle of the Pulse

on Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:35 am
This is generally a document about the Circle, it's beginning, and our ultimate goal.

The Circle was founded by Jacob Augustus Nero, but is however not lead by him.

It is a group of scholars and otherwise normal civilians who are comprised of both DNA Superior and Inferior. Obviously, their goal and ideologies are similar, if not the same, or else they would not be together as a brother/sisterhood. It could be compared to the Pre-Continental Shift underground society such as the Free Masons. The organization is vast now, and holds many key members who wish to see the end to this Genetic Era.

Much of the groups funding is privately donated by those who are Superiors due to the fact that Inferiors have close to no income.

Outside of their meeting place in Sanctuary, they can be recognized by a tattoo of a eagle's talon upon their left wrist. Members will gain entrance to the headquarters by showing this tattoo to the guards. In meeting, all members were cloaks of dark greens or blues, the hoods usually drawn over their heads.

All that is currently known of their mission is to end the current way of society... they believe there is no "Superior" or "Inferior" DNA.

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