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The History of the Cities.

on Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:21 am
This is a short document on the Upper-Cities... the Sky-Cities.

FACT: They are all named in Latin, due to the popular belief that the language, thought mostly dead, is the most civilized form of speech.

All of the sky cities were conceived and constructed by the mysterious Splitzer Syndicate, one of the richest organizations on the planet.

They are all seen as utopias, and by all standards, are heavenly compared to the Under-Towns. They are the pinnacle of technological advancement, and harbor the people who are deemed DNA Superior.

--> Due to the experimenting of DNA Engineering by Francis Decan, the now famous scientist, his theory on Genetic Superiority ushered in, about two hundred years after the continental shift, a time of great upheaval and distress. Discrimination led to violence in most, if not all places on the globe. Decan publically stated that those of the Inferior were unclean... a future scourge of humanity.

Mobile-Labs were distributed to every major continent and city. They tested thousands of people each day, until they alone rooted out the Superior from the Inferior. Those deemed Superior were air-lifted en masse to their respective Sky-City. Once each gained entrance, a micro-chip was implanted as an ID, to make sure that they were who they entered as. Now, in the year 2107, all DNA Superiors contain a chip to ensure that they alone are paired with "pure" humans. If anyone were to try and gain entrance into the city, and were scanned only to find they had no chip... their death would be ensured. Afterall, the Inferior are seen as a deadly disease.

The cities themselves truly are masterpieces of architecture. They rise high into the sky, great pieces of glass and steel. They are large enough to contain millions of people who live quite comfortably in large homes of their own. Everyone is ensured shelter... food... safety (from the Inferiors). It is a paradise that only the Pure could enjoy. Full blown ski lodges, lakes, and even airports are all made accessible from the comfort of the cities. Guaranteed health-care and aid, as well as occupations are present. Foliage adorns the outter-limits of the cities where the weary can lounge their days away without a care in the world. It was akin to being aboard a cruise ship... forever.

But, perfection is but a veil for the deep-seeded corruption that lay just beneath. It is well hidden from the populace, who are kept ignorant in their own proverbial bliss. It is the job of the Circle to weed out the corruption... and make the world right again.
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