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Carl Token Bowie

on Tue Dec 21, 2010 11:51 pm
Name Carl Token Bowie

Age 32

Gender Male

Appearance: Carl is an average sized African American, standing at 5'10 and having a moderately healthy frame, though he is admittedly gaining a bit of weight on the belly, but nothing noticeable as of now. Carl normally has his hair shaved off, but every once in a while he lets it grow out to a low buzz that can be easily cut off. He has a trimmed goatee and often tries to keep himself in a clean condition. His casual attire consists of a long sleeved, white, button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his forearms, grey casual dress pants, casual dress shoes, and a watch.


Affiliations The Circle of the Pulse

Occupation Spy

Home Town / City Vartigo, Tentationem Moenia

Special Skill(s) Lock Picking, Stealth, Cunning, Spy-work

-Lock-picking ~ Carl is skilled at breaking into doors, safes, and other objects that use locks, allowing him to enter normally secret places and find items or information that could both be of use to him and the Circle.
-Stealth ~ Carl knows a variety of tactics and skills involved with stealth. He can move silently (though at a much slower pace than if he was running), disappear into crowds through mingling, use the shadows to his advantage, and use cover efficiently.
-Cunning ~ Carl can use deceptive wits and words to get out of sticky situation. He is very good at lying or forming persuasive arguments and is often able to evade things he normally wouldn't be able to avoid.
-Spy Work ~ Carl is an expert about gathering information and finding out things about the enemy. He has excellent awareness, as a result, and makes notes with detective-like skills on areas that may be important to them later on.

Reasons for joining the Circle Vengeance against a system that ruined his life.

Background: James Lawson was born in the High Cities, bearing relatively good DNA that proposed he would be quite useful. He grew up in a rich family, promised to have a bright future ahead of him in the great cities. His father ran a popular business that was very successful, though it had its fair share of rivals. After years passed, James jumped into his father's shoes and started to run some of it himself. However, other businesses were attracted by this attention, and, as a result, wanted to find out ways to ruin this success, as it was draining theirs. One night, as James slept, his house was broken into and his father was murdered by unknown people hired by those against him. This was just the start of the troubles. The day after, James was convicted of false DNA. In actuality, his DNA was terrible, to the fault of his mother. His father decided to fall in love with someone of the lower class, and because of it, he gained nearly all her traits. His father had tried to cover it up as much as possible, but clearly to no avail. At birth, his father had connections with the doctors and a bit of money on the side, and managed to convince them to put forth a fake DNA. It was a large world after all, so who would notice the mistake out of the billions of people on the planet? The people who hated James' company so much were the ones who dug up this information in some way. James got his property taken from him and was left penniless. The only place to go was the lower cities, where he could mingle with his own kind. James, now a meaningless record, changed his name, as he felt he was a different person entirely. Now he was Carl Token Bowie, another number in the crowd of those with poor DNA. He was homeless for a while, until he found an organization, the Circle, that went against this system that destroyed him. He found it in his heart to join and help in any way possible.
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Re: Carl Token Bowie

on Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:37 am
Nice registration! =D

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