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The World in Which we Live

on Tue Dec 21, 2010 11:50 pm

This is the world in which we live.

The year is 2107. The world has experienced continental shift on such a grand scale that what was once there a century ago is very much gone. Humans however, survived the shift, and continued to prosper on this great Earth. Unfortunately, with the change in times, came an acute change in moral and philosophical ideology. With the advancement of DNA engineering and genetics, has come a global sort of discrimination.

The land is now divided into two arenas: the DNA Superior, and the DNA Inferior. Those deemed genetically superior, live in lavish, sky-top paradises. These are the bastions of civilized peoples. The great Sky cities of Earth. There are a total of eight Upper-Cities as they are popularly named. Each and every one is at an apex of technological prowess and supposedly harbors the brightest minds that humanity could muster.

It is near impossible to enter the city unless you are Genetically Superior, due to the lengths that the Security Corps went in protecting the Upper-Cities from what they might call "The Beasts". Every city is guarded by a Security force comparable to a high-tech military battalion. Of course, as with all cities, they answer directly to the City's "Overseer".

The underprivileged, distraught, and the weary are those deemed foul by the upper tiers of civilization. They inhabit earths "Lower-Towns". Contrary to what life is like above, they like in squalor. Towns are essentially massive shantytowns. There is no real economy below, as most money is made and used Above. What money does trickle to the DNA Inferior is only enough to delay starvation.

On Earth, there are about twelve Under-Towns, many of which lie in the shadow of the great cities above. They are crime ridden for the most part, dismal, and unhealthy places to live. Local governments have, in the past, tried to improve the situations of their townships, but with a lack of money and help... nothing is ever truly accomplished. Each town has a "Governor".


Cities (DNA Superior) [Red dots]

Helmshire: HESPERIS MOENIA “Western City”

Heatshade: MONS MELIOR “Mount Superior” (west), AMICULUM ROMACK (east) “Cape Romack”

Gyoshu: DRACO CLOSTRA (in the mountains) “Dragon Den”, CUSPIS VORAGO (north) “Point Gulf”

Frostglade: GLACIES MOENIA (south) “Ice City”, AESTUS FINIS (North) “Tide’s End”

Vartigo: TENTATIONEM MOENIA (Center) “City of Judgment”

Under towns (DNA inferior) [purple-ish dots]

Helmshire: MOUNTAINSIDE HEIGHTS (main body), GLADSTONE (strip of land to the east)

Heatshade: ACRETON [Ae-ker-ton]

Gyoshu: KAMINARI PASU “Lightning Pass” (southeast), HAIWAN ZHEN “Gulf Town” (by eastern gulf), MENONJOL ROCK “Jutting Rock” (north)

Frostglade: LAKETOWN (center), POINT GLACIER (north)

Sandino: NAMELESS (north), SOUTHAVEN (south)

Vartigo: SHADOW’S HEARTH (west), SANCTUARY (east)


The Cities:

Hesperis Moenia -

This is normally called the Western City. It was formed within the continent of Helmshire after the theories of Francis Decan reached their ears. Words of the blight of humanity (DNA Inferior) and how they could "spread their disease", was enough to make those deemed superior seek their own private residences. With the mysterious aid from the Splitzen Syndicate, that dream was made real when the second of the great Sky-Cities was made. It was dubbed in Latin: Hesperis Moenia. Like all others, it is almost Marxist in culture and government, aside from the fact that it has an Overseer.

Mons Melior -

This Sky-City was made just after Hesperis Moenia for much the same reasons. It's construction was of course funded by the Syndicate. It is unique in the fact that it resides over a single large mountain in Heatshade.

Amiculum Romack -

This Sky-City was made after Mons Melior which resided to their west. It is based before the Romack Ocean in Heatshade. It is the only city that has reserved property on land just for their citizens' private use... the beaches. Out of all the cities, it is deemed the most luxurious, a popular vacation destination for other Superiors.

Draco Clostra -

Latin for "Dragon Den", this Sky-City resides over a large expanse of mountain ranges, as well as an internal lake. It is the only city with a national military. They are the one's to pioneer new technology, and are the second largest city next to Tentationem Moenia. The culture is reflective of the Pre-Continental Shift East Asia. This new continent in which the City lies, is Gyoshu.

Cuspis Vorago -

This city lies above the point of the Eastern Gulf in Gyoshu. It is a popular city for vacations and tourism because of their famous cuisine. The Syndicate created this city after Draco Clostra.

Glacies Moenia -

In the southern coast of Frostglade, this "Ice City" is known as being the greatest winter resort location for the wealthy elite. It is usually always cold there, and snow fall regularly upon the city. It is the only city with its own ski slopes, which identifies just how massive the city is.

Aestus Finis -

"Tides End" is the northern-most Sky-City. Most of the people find themselves indoors due to the harsh climate and raging snowstorms. No pity is given to those in the Under-Town below. These people are thought of by the Interior, as the most cruel.

Tentationem Moenia -

This is what is commonly known as, as the "City of Judgment". It was the first of the great Sky-Cities created by the Splitzen Syndicate, as is by far the most vast. The people here were the original DNA Superiors, until the Mobile-Labs were set up around the world to pass judgment. The city holds a massive 5 million residents and is the central City within the continent of Vartigo. Here, the Lord Overseer, IE the senior of the other city's Overseers resides, as well as the mysterious headquarters of the Syndicate. Tentationem Moenia is said as being the center of advancement and science.


The Towns

Mountainside Heights -

This is a under-town at the very base of the mountain range in Helmshire. They have some of the most tame communities known to the towns across the land, however have the most trouble with landslides and cataclysmic weather events. The people who grow up here tend to be tougher than others because of what they have to go through, but are also seen as being the most giving of Inferior civilizations because they are the only one's who aid their own people's should disaster strike.

Gladstone -

Gladstone is the original name of the town that happened to remain mostly un-damaged by the continental shift. Many citizens claim to be "Pure-Gladstonian" and retain old world values. Most have tried forgetting the fact that they are deemed Inferior, but ironically, most DNA activists have come from this area.

Acreton -

The name was derived after an old historian named the town after a city of old that withstood many disasters. It is by far the most run-down of the towns. Acreton has their own active militia, using whatever weapons they can get a hold of to defend their own meager turf. The governor is thought to be a descendant of the town's name-maker, therefore giving Acreton a monarchical and hereditary rule.

Kaminari-Pasu -

The name is translated from Japanese as being "Lightning Pass". The town is based in Gyoshu. The name came about because of the fact that it reportedly has the greatest amount of rain and thunderstorms. The town has been literally built upon poles so as to avoid the frequent flooding that occurs. Everyone in the town has apparently been hit by lightning at least once. Town-Guards, who are a part of the militia eccentrically wear old suits of ceremonial samurai armor, and will never hesitate to bring some "old tyme authority" onto annoying tourists who step out of line. This meaning... heads have rolled.

Haiwan Zhen -

Gulf Town, as it is translated from Chinese, is supposed as being the tamest town below the cities. It, like most of Gyoshu, has retained a rather East Asian feel. Though they are a shantytown, old pieces of buildings have remained and are constantly renovated by the civilians who live there. The Chinese "Temple of Heaven", that was unharmed by the continental shift, is the pride of those people and now happens to be the residence of the Governor.

Menonjol Rock -

Translated from Indonesian, "Jutting Rock" is just that.... a shantytown based upon a jutting piece of rock. It is one of the largest Under-Towns, and boasts a large population. It is also however, the greatest hive of poverty and starvation. Not even the governor is able to keep the ever-growing population under control and fed.

Laketown -

In Frostglade, Laketown is the center-most Under-Town. It is usually always blizzarding there, and has been covered several times. Those that choose to live here do so out of pride and stubbornness. They are generally hardy folk and are welcoming to guests and newcomers.

Point Glacier -

This town at the north end of Frostglade has recently gone silent to the world. The inhabitants are either snowed in, or have frozen to death. No one dares to check, and those who live above would bat an eye either way.

Nameless -

Nameless... is actually the name of this city. It is a sprawling shantytown that is the most deviously crooked. Poverty is only exceeded by crime. The local Mafia has complete control of Nameless, and runs the Town with corruption. Should any foreigner find themselves in this Town, they should prepare to either have their belongings snatched, or their throat cut.

Southaven -

Just below Nameless in the south of Sandino, Southaven appears to be the moral opposite of their northern counterpart. The town is as well managed as it can be by an honest Governor and has been the only town to truly stomp out crime. Their local militia aids the civilians, while also protecting the Town from crime.

Shadow's Hearth -

On the western end of Vartigo, Shadow's Hearth is considered the most secretive of Towns. Most civilians keep to themselves and frown upon newcomers. Tourists who do happen into town tend to liken it to a graveyard.

Sanctuary -

This is the eastern most Under-Town in Vartigo. It is physically split down the middle for the tame and untamed. Just beyond a well-guarded barricade, the shantytown is a hive of scum and villainy. The local militia is one of the only to get a hold on firearms... though they are rather outdated. Sanctuary is the birthplace and headquarters to the Circle of the Pulse.

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