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Jacob Augustus Nero

on Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:08 pm
Name: Jacob Augustus Nero

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Affiliations: DNA inferior, Circle of the Pulse

Occupation: Thief, Politics expert, Tactician

Appearance: Nero has tanned skin, a trimmed goatee, and emerald eyes. His hair is well kept and dark brown. He tries to stay lean and well built by exercising as often as he can. As his normal clothes, Nero wears a simple pair of trousers and an old, worn, tee-shirt. At the Circle, he wears a Navy-Blue Cloak and Hood over a darker pair of pants and shirt.

Home Town / City: Sanctuary

Special Skill(s): Stealth, Thievery, Political Theory, Persuasion, Interrogation

Reasons for joining the Circle: See background

Background: Jacob Nero was born to a family of four; his father and mother and younger sister. They were poor, by all accounts, and deemed genetically inferior by those of the High Cities. Therefore, they lived a destitute life in many under towns until they settled in Sanctuary. By far, that town was the most “tame” of all others, filled with people just like them: the downtrodden, poverty-stricken, and hopeless. His father earned a meager living as a tailor. His mother had to keep a job as a maid as well in order to bring enough money to the house for food.
As soon as Nero was old enough, he held a job as a woodcutter by the forests of Sanctuary. He was tired of all of the corruption from above and how their own DNA now segregated people. He deemed that Francis Decan was a liar, his theory a completely fake. So, he decided to create an underground society dedicated to the bettering of humanity… one that would one day end this discrimination once and for all. He did not name himself the leader however, and declared his best friend Albrecht Huff as the Master. The society would bring in many hopeful revolutionaries, eager to make a difference… many of which happened to be scholarly “Superiors” who agreed with Nero’s sentiments. The society grew large, but still secret, and was soon called the Circle of the Pulse.
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